For those who are not aware, the Infinix smartphone company are doing their possible best to rival Huge Mobile companies like Samsung, Xoami, etc. The newest infinix smartphone, Infinix Zero 4 Edge, is the very first Infinix phone to come with 360 degree Screen with 2k super Amoled Screen.

Am happy to formally introduce to you, the Infinix Zero 4 Edge version of the Infinix Flagship Android Smartphone.

For those who loved this Smartphone brand, you’ll be aware that the Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus are the latest Flagship Phone from Infinix and the latest devices to be added in the Zero Series.

Infinix Zero 4 edge

Here is a sample of what the Infinix Zero 4 edge will look like, as released by Infinix

According to Benjamin Jiang; who is also an official of Infinix, disclosed this welcomed news via his official Handle;

I proudly announce to all infinix fans and lovers, that we are launching Infinix Zero edge series first generation smartphone devices. The infinix Zero 4 Edge is define as our first 360 degree screen so called infinity screen with 2k super amoled, and it will be available in the Market very soon!!!

Just like i said above, the Infinix Zero 4 Edge will be the very first Infinix Phones to arrive with a 360 degree Screen, and comes with a 2k super Amoled Screen! If you check the picture above, you’ll discover that this may be the most beautiful of all their devices, not to mention the Most packed smartphone from Infinix.

The phone will pack the USB Port at the bottom and the Earphone port can be seen at the very top. It might arrive with an MP of More than 16 front and back camera, and certainly comes with a flash.

Checking through the Infinix Zero 4 Edge smartphone, we are expecting either 5.98′ or 6.0″ inches and with the 2K Super Amoled Screen, which will ensure that you enjoy seamless clean screen, especially when playing games and the rest and also coupled with a screen protection.

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