MTN InstaBinge is one of the best packages from MTN Nigeria to all her subscribers. The MTN instaBinge focus ONLY on the biggest social Media platform of the moment, Instagram.
Instagram is officially among the biggest social media platform in Nigeria and major countries in the world. Like Whatsapp, this social media platform is owned by Facebook.
If you are an Instagram addict like me, you’ll know that Instagram consumes data than any other Social Media platform. Instagram is filled with Pictures, amazing photos which comes in high resolution, Numerous and countless videos, so it’s fun.
But same time it’s fun, it’s also consuming data at a very high rate. Thanks to MTN, there is a new package to solve this problem. With the introduction of MTN instaBinge bundles, you can now surf Instagram cheaply.

MTN InstaBinge Pulse Bundles Prices & Activation Codes

Abuja Parks Way900286
Angola St.900286
Asamafa St.900286
Berbera St.900286
Beyla St.900286
Bouake St.900286
Coronour St.900286
Dire-Dawa St.900286
Dodama St.900286
Harere St.900286
Herbert Macualay Way900286
Jimma St.900286
Kasim Ibrahim Way900286
Kelemie St.900286
Kinshasha St.900286
Magenta St.900286
Makeni St.900286
Massru St.900286
Mbabane St.900286
Nnamdi Azikiwa Exwy900286
Rabat St.900286
Sudan St.900286
Tanga St.900286
Tema St.900286
Timbukku St.900286
Yaounde St.900286
Yunis St.900286

From the table above, you can clearly see that there are two MTN Pulse instabinge bundles.
There is the 100 Naira bundle (InstaBinge Lite). This plan gives you 250MB.
While the 200 Naira Package (InstaBinge Heavy) gives subscribers a total of 1GB.

Important Note

Before subscribing, it is very important for you to know, that this Package is completely different from the MTN Pulse plan which was launched a couple of months ago for children between the age bracket of 9 – 16 years.
Please note that the DATA you subscribed through any of the InstaBinge bundle, is only usable on Instagram app. This means that you can not browse, download movies, go on WhatsApp, facebook messenger etc with this bundle, it works ONLY with the Instagram app.
These are the subscription codes for the MTN Pulse instabinge plans. There are two different options to subscribe. You can either choose SMS or/and USSD codes.

How to Subscribe using SMS

To activate the insta Binge Plans through SMS, follow the guide below. Take Note that you can successfully subscribe and activate this plan, you must be on the MTN Pulse network. If you are not already on Pulse, dial *406*1# or *406# >> 1 or 406 to 131 to migrate.
For InstaBinge Lite: text INSTD1 to 131. It costs N100 and you get 250MB to use on Instagram.
InstaBinge Heavy: Send or text INSTD2 to 131. Its price is N200 and you will get 1GB to use on Instagram.

How to Subscribe Using USSD Code

• Dial *406*5#.
• When it loads, reply 1 for InstaBinge Lite which gives 250MB for N100.
• Or you can reply 2 for InstaBinge Heavy, which gives 1GB for 200 Naira.
• You are then required to confirm that you want to proceed with the subscription you selected by replying with
Once you used any of the above mentions, you will receive notification that your package subscription was Successful or Failed.

InstaBinge Validity Period

This is the biggest hindrance being faced by subscribers, as the MTN InstaBinge is valid for only 24 hours. Meaning that if you purchase any of these Instagram plans by 6 AM, it automatically expires 10 AM tomorrow.
I don’t know why this bundle was introduced the first place, I don’t see myself consuming 1GB of contents on Instagram in less than 24 hours.
Another problem is that If you were unable to finish the data you purchased, they will be cleared upon expiry and there is no data rollover of this package.

How to Activate / Cancel InstaBinge Auto-Renewal

If for any reason you decide to activate or cancel auto-renewal, you can accomplish this, using the codes below.
To activate auto-renewal;
For InstaBinge Lite: Dial *406*5# >> select Autorenewal or text RINSTD1 to 131 as SMS.
InstaBinge Heavy: Text RINSTD2 to 131 as SMS. You can also dial *406*5# and select Auto-Renewal.
To cancel auto renewal
For InstaBinge Lite: Text NOINSTD1 to 131 in SMS.
InstaBinge Heavy: Text NOINSTD2 to 131 as SMS.
Alternatively, you can dial *406*5# and select cancel auto-renewal.

How to Check Mtn Pulse InstaBinge Bundle Balance

This is how you can check your remaining Data bundles. To know how much data volume is left on your MTN Nigeria Instagram data bundles, dial *559*39#.
Alternatively, you can choose to dial *406*5#; then proceed and reply 3 to check balance.

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