THE MTN super saver tariff plan is one of the best Tariff plan ever introduced by MTN Nigeria, no wonder it’s among the most sought after and popular plan. However, the truth about this Tariff is that not everyone knows of the advantages of migrating to Super Saver plus and the benefits that comes with it. Even more confusing is how to migrate to MTN super saver. So to ensure Nigerians get the best out of Dataplans and Tariff plans, is writing a well researched article on this Tariff plan and it’s migration codes, with the do’s and don’t s.

mtn super saver

MTN Super Saver Tariff

ONLY from the name, you don’t need much introduction or definition regarding this tariff plan. The MTN supersaver plan users save money they typically spend on the mobile connection. So, instead of you paying much money for the services you never use, you can easily switch over to this fantastic tariff which offers you everything you want at a reasonable price and it comes with huge bonus that will blow your mind.


Benefits of MTN Super Saver Plus

  • All subscribers in this plan get a fixed price at the amount of fifteen kobos per one second for calls made to all local Networks after the first minute of MTN-to-MTN calls, and MTN-to-Other networks call at 40 kobos per second respectively.
  • All subscribers get to receive free incoming calls and text messages in the roaming
  • You get to pay just HALF the regular price for ongoing calls in the countries from a list of selected states.
  • All active subscribers get to experience cheaper tariffs for the news services which work for seven days.
  • You get special notification about everything concerning your call duration, total call cost, and balance.
  • You get free of charge Happy Hour calls. This means you get to call any MTN numbers from 00.30am to 04:30 every day (including weekends) as long as you have the minimum balance of N100 in your account. You can call for free starting from 00:30AM to 4:30AM every day.

Advantages of MTN SuperSaver Tariff Plan


  • 1st minute 40k/second
  • 2-5 minutes 15k/second
  • Above 5 minutes 11k/second
  • You will be charged 20kobo/per seconds to International
  • Destinations/Countries


  • On-net N4 (MTN-to-MTN)
  • Off-net N4 (MTN-to-Other Network)
  • International N15 (International SMS)

Value Added services on MTN Supersaver Plus:

  • All active users get to have 30 days free caller tunes subscription
  • You can choose up to 4 tunes at N5 each


  • Whenever you recharge 100NGN plus on your sim, you get a data bonus of 10MB
  • Sun & Encomium) at N5

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MTN Super Saver Migration Code

Migrating to this tariff plan is super easy, you can use two methods to migrate, either through the USSD code or SMS.

“Simply dial *408*1# or send a message with the text 408 to a number 131. Please take note that when you decide to migrate, which is your first migration to MTN SuperSaver Plus, it is totally free of charge. However, if you decide migrate from this tariff plan within the 30 days of activating it, you will be charged N100.00.” But if after 30 days, and you decide you want to migrate to another Tariff plan, then it’s totally free of charge too.

Codes to Migrate to MTN SuperSaver

  • Simply dial *408*1#
  • To migrate through text message (SMS) text 408 to 131

5 Benefits of MTN SuperSaver Plus Tariff Plan

  1. Starting from 12:00 am (00:00) on Day 1, MTN automatically starts to record and accumulate the duration of MTN-to-MTN calls and MTN-to-Other networks calls that you make. After you have made your first one minute of MTN-to-MTN calls or MTN-to-Networks calls that you make, you will be charged at 40 kobos/sec.
  2. After you have make a total of 60 seconds of MTN-to-MTN calls, you will be charged at 15 kobos per second for the rest of the day. Please take note that you will be charged 15Kobo for only your MTN-to-MTN calls.
  3. When you have made a total of 60 seconds of MTN-to-Other networks calls, your MTN-to-Other networks calls will then be charged at 15 kobos per second for the rest of the day.
  4. At 11:59 pm (23:59) everyday, your total call duration will be reset to 00:00 minutes and your national call rate will return to 40 kobos per second.
  5. At 12:00 am (00:00) the next day, the same routine happens as explained in 1,2 and 3.

This is all you need to know about the MTN super saver tariff plan, the benefits that comes with it.

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