THE MTN XtraValue bundle is a Tariff plan from MTN Nigeria, which gives all current subscribers, combination of both world! When migrate to the MTN XtraValue bundle and you buy a bundle, It gives you a combination of huge airtime for voice calls and unbelievable volume of Data to go with it.

What is XtraValue

The MTN XtraValue Bundle is a newly introduced Tariff plan from MTN Nigeria, which is currently used by thousands of MTN Nigeria subscribers. This tariff plan allows you to buy a bundle that gives you a combination of large airtime, which you can use for voice calls and also, an unbelievable volume of Data that comes with it.

The XtraValue Bundles comes in two (2) categories and at different price points from ₦300 to ₦20,000

MTN XtraValue bundle

2 MTN XtraValue Bundle Option

  1. XtraTalk Bundles – This tariff plan gives you more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume.
  2. XtraData Bundles – This is the exact opposite of the Xtratalk bundles. The Xtradata bundles offers more volume of Data than airtime, which can be used for voice calls.

How XtraValue Works

What you should note here is that this plan, the XtraValue gives all active subscribers, much more value for both voice and data than almost all tariff plan from MTN Nigeria, and this is all combined in one single package.

When you migrate to the Xtravalue plan, the airtime can also be used for all calls, including national and international calls as well as for sending SMS. However, the most amazing feature of this plan is it’s ability, to gives you the convenience of one-time subscription for both voice calls and data.

BENEFITS OF Mtn XtraValue bundle

  • This Tariff plan is available to ALL MTN Nigeria Prepaid and E-Postpaid customers, However, Subscribers of the MTN BetaTalk Customers and Startpack Customers are exempted from this tariff plan.
  • If you’re an active subscriber of the BetaTalk plan and you’re eager to migrate to the XtraValue, Well, you can actually migrate to other tariff plans and migrate to the XtraValue Bundle to enjoy this benefits.
  • All qualified and eligible Customers will be able to purchase any of the XtraValue Bundle plans by dialing the code below:
    • Dial *300*1*2# and selecting the preferred bundle type.
    • Sending applicable bundle purchase keyword to 131.
  • This plan offers all customers the opportunity to purchase multiple XtraValue Bundle, Except the bundle with the highest rate set validity.

How to Check MTN XtraValue Bundle Balance

All active subscribers/customers can easily check their XtraValue Bundle balance by dialing *559*61# or *556#

You can also check your MTN data bundle balance Here.

Mtn XtraValue bundle subscription codes

 ₦300 Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N975 50MB Text V300 to 131
XtraData N372 150MB Text D300 to 131
 ₦500 (S) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N1,950 100MB Text V500 to 131
XtraData N624 300MB Text D500 to 131
₦1,000 (M) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N3,875 312.50MB Text V1000 to 131
XtraData N1,275 750MB Text D1000 to 131
₦2,000 (L) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N9,750 625MB Text V2000 to 131
Xtradata N2,560 2000MB Text D2000 to 131
 ₦5,000(XL) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N24,500 1,666.67MB Text V5000 to 131
XtraData N6,500 5000MB Text D5000 to 131
₦10,000(XXL) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N30,000 3GB Text V10000 to 131
XtraData N12,000 8GB Text D10000 to 131
₦15,000(XXXL) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N50,000 4GB Text V15000 to 131
XtraData N18,850 13GB Text D15000 to 131
₦20,000(XXXXL) Voice Value Data Value How to Subcribe
XtraTalk N70,000 5GB Text V20000 to 131
XtraData N25,700 20GB Text D20000 to 131

Watch Video of MTN XtraValue

Summary of XtraValue Bundle

  • For you to successfully subscribe to any bundle plan, simply dial *131*2# and select the preferred bundle type of your choice.
  • Please take note that this offer from XtraValue is available to ALL Prepaid Customers on MTN Nigeria network.
  • Importantly, all prepaid Customers will be automatically migrated to XtraValue Plan after subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle plan. So instead of migrating, you can easily subscribed and you will automatically be migrated!
  • As a subscriber/Active user of XtraValue, you will be given the opportunity to buy as many bundles while on the plan as possible.

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