One of the most unique devices in the market today is Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s considered a combination of a standard smartphone and tablet. The 5.4 inch touch screen display is one of the phone’s USP. It’s claimed to have one of the largest screens on a smartphone.
The handset comes with a pen device. The handset is fun but the best way to utilise it would be using the pen. With 1280 x 800 resolution, the Galaxy Note has great quality.
Samsung Galaxy
The Note bears many similarities in design with the old version Samsung Galaxy S2. The display is definitely bigger which makes the whole phone look attractive. The quality of pictures and colors on display will blow your mind. Even when under the sun the visuals will be amazing.
The exact measurements of the phone stand at 146.9 x 83 x 9.7 and that would be considered quite a large phone for the smartphone niche. It does not matter if the phone is quite a massive unit, because it manages to stay sexy and slim. This is typical of the new Samsung phones.
Samsung like to incorporate a thin plastic cover to their handsets. This is evident if you look at the back of them. But the Galaxy is slightly different. The Galaxy feels like it has been made out of brand new, higher quality material. The design would help in not dropping or having the smartphone slip.
The pen finely slots into the right corner where there is a small hole. The technology used is from Wacom and it works well with the phone’s digitizer. The brand new knowledge allows you to use the screen just the same way you’d use a pen. With over 200 levels of pressure sensitivity, it is definitely high tech.
The phone’s S pen function can be used to perform of tasks and the best thing about it is that it does no need to be charged or use batteries.

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