Are you in need of a website, which is both reliable and stress-free to download all kinds of music for your Mobile phone? Allowed me the honor of introducing to you, Waptrick Music.

Waptrick Music is an official portal and category, which is owned and managed by www waptrick com official portal. Take note that this article today is a guide to teach you, how to download on Waptrick Mp3 Songs.

In all honesty, getting songs on Waptrick are 100% free and you don’t need to pay anyone a single cent, why Waptrick Music is amazing, is because you get to download it on your mobile device, just in case you don’t know, Waptrick is 100% mobile compatible.

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Another amazing fact about waptrick is that it’s one of the oldest and most reliable sites, after which, you get portals like HotWap and Wapdam, which also offer similar services. The only difference between these websites I just mentioned and Waptrick, is that it has more contents than the others.

One reason why Million of users prefers Waptrick Music category is that it’s well arranged and carefully placed, to allow you to locate them easily and effortlessly.

This guideline is to aid you on how to easily navigate this amazing Mobile portal, without encountering any hitch or problem.

Since 2018, a recent update on this site shows that Waptrick is not just 100% friendly, but 100% PC friendly too. This means that you get to enjoy this site on your smartphone, and at the same time, on your Laptop or Computer.

Unlike other Music websites, this site loads fast, and to think that this site contains hundreds of thousands of entertainment, am amazed at the loading speed.

The genres of music you will find on this site including, but not limited to the following:

  • Dance,
  • Hip Pop,
  • Rap Songs,
  • Country Music,
  • Classical music,
  • Reggae,
  • Folk
waptrick music

Example of Searching Music on waptrick. Here, I searched for Beethoven, and I got all his music available on Waptrick Music

Features Of Waptrick- Waptrick Mp3 Songs.

There are lots of features that make this site very attractive. The music you download here on this site, including other files is one hundred percent free and without any charges.

The reason why this site is popular around the world is the security it provides its users. Downloading Mp3 in Waptrick is free from any virus, which is harmful and could easily damage your device.

Search Box: Another button on this portal I find extremely useful, is the search box. This search button makes it easier for you to download any available files, music, songs on this website. The search box makes it extra faster and easier for you.

For those who are eagerly awaiting the procedures on how to get Music, here’s it. Follow these steps on how to download music from without encountering any difficulty. The steps are very easy to follow.

How to Download Waptrick Music.

Getting Mp3, Movies from Waptrick is amazingly simple. The first step is to visit the official website here When it loads up, all you need to do is a simple and quick search of the song that you need.

Take note that you can search for any song of your choice, by making use of the search bar located at the top of the site. Enter the name of the song and once it appears, click on the song and a download link comes up, below the song or the artist.

You can also search for the name of an artist too, it will show all its music available on Waptrick.

Once you’re through with the search, simply “click” on the Download button to carefully avoid clicking on the Ads.
Then on the next page, you get to choose the file size you want to download, either full or short music, depending on your phone memory and Internet bundles.

After choosing the file size, you also need to select the method of download. The methods available are as follows:

  • Slow,
  • Fast and Standard

For this review, I decided to test both out on my Infinix phone, and I discovered that the Slow download, is set to download a limited number of KB per Minutes. I’ll advise you to use the fast download for faster and high-speed download speed, this depends on your internet connection strength and speed.

However, if by any chance you did not see the Mp3 music you were searching for, I’ll recommend you to try out these portals – Mp3 SkullToxicwap, Kickwap, or Wapdam.

Recommended Improvement.

The one problem I find with Waptrick is its never-ending display of ads. So, before you click on any link, take a careful look at it, to avoid going to other websites.

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