Taking the Technology world by storm today, One of the world most trustworthy and biggest companies, HP today announced its newest ultrathin laptop, tagged the “HP Spectre 13”.
The HP Spectre 13 Stands at only 10.4mm thick, the HP Spectre 13 (or just named HP Spectre) is thinner than the Dell XPS 13 and the MacBook Air. Although Guinness books of record are yet to confirmed it yet, HP says its new laptop is the thinnest laptop in the world.
HP Spectre
This laptop, produced by HP, looks elegant, as it comes almost completely covered with stylish dark aluminum, while its base is made from carbon fibre, making the laptop slim and sleek.
This new premium laptop from HP, only weighs about 2.45 pounds and has a 13.3 inch, 1080p display.
Unlike other new model laptops been released to the market everyday, this HP spectre 13 comes with no touch screen, no detachable body and (need I mention) no 4K display.
This newly designed laptop, which was released into the market some few days ago, comes with a copper design combined with carbon fibre, giving the laptop a premium look. Technology giant, HP has launched Spectre, which is also known as the world’s thinnest laptop.
HP Spectre
The laptop thinnest is as the average index finger. The HP Spectre measures a total of 10.4 millimetres (0.41 inch) at its thickest point, which automatically makes it slimmer than the 12-inch MacBook (0.52 inches) and MacBook Air (0.68 inches). Surprisingly, this laptop weighs 1.11kg only.
Another USP of the Spectre 13 system, is its copper design, and the laptop has a full HD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass.
The laptop comes with 8GB LDDR3 RAM and 512GB SSD storage and runs on 6th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.
Among the features of this Laptop, is it’s hybrid battery that lasts up to 9.45 hours on a single charge, according to the details released by the company.
The laptop includes 3 Type-C USB I/O ports. The New HP Spectre will be available in Africa, precisely Nigeria, starting from May 2016.
One amazing factor about this HP Spectre 13, is it’s price, which costs $1,169 at the least and is now available for pre-order from the general public.
HP Spectre 13 price and specs

HP Spectre 13 Specs

1. It comes with the newest Windows, Windows 10
2. PCIe based SSD storage is up to 512GigaBytes, with up to 512GB of PCIe-based SSD storage system, scrolling through photo libraries, loading game files, and accessing all your documents is lightning-fast, when compared with other Laptops. This makes this laptop, 5x more faster when accessing the documents and surfing the internet.
3. The hp spectre comes with a 6th Generation Intel® Corei Processor. This is the 6th generation of Intel® Corei processors, which increases your computing experience like never before.
4. Comes with 8 GB RAM.
5. The laptop is equip with 2×2 Wi-Fi antenna, which give the users, a faster wireless speeds. The Antenna is strategically positioned in such a way, that it perfectly maximize reception.
6. Multi Used Ports.
Another amazing addition is that this laptop comes with a three multi-use USB Type-C ports, and amazingly, they all support charging, high-speed data transfer, and external displays.
One question which remains unanswered is this:
Is this HP’s premium laptop as powerful as or more powerful than similar laptops from its competitors like the Macbook?
The question remains unanswered, as we are yet to review this laptop. However, we will soon get a chance to review it and let you know how it goes.

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