Another wonderful and amazing Desktop from one of the world finest PC producers, HP has once again, made it public that they are among the world best, as the newly released HP Sprout, which was created with artists, designers, architects and publishers in mind.
This modern PC is one of the most innovative product I’ve ever come across in years. For people in the arts, design, or graphics, this could be revolutionary and a dream come true.
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This is truly a genuine innovation and creativity combined into one, and with it’s raving reviews, i bet you would want one of this!
The HP sprout is created in such a way, that several businesses can make use of it. Artists, Designers, Architects, Books, Website publishers and several others, will find this Amazing PC from HP incredibly Useful.
Here are some of the most outstanding specs of the HP Sprout.
hp sprout

This is a fantastic computer.
For example, the touch mat which comes with the HP Sprout is so flat, so you don’t gorilla arms. (This is the kind of pains you get, which is typically a shoulder pain, from touching a vertical screen).
Another wonderful aspect of this, is that you can easily spend time viewing what’s on the mat on a vertical screen, so you don’t have to bend your neck like you do with “other computers”.
Another introduction is the Touch+ (which is previously known and called the Haptix KickStarter). The Touch+ is able to turn any surface, including your keyboard, into a 3-D, virtual, multitouch surface.
Currently, this pc is on Windows and OSX. But we’re sure that the Linux support will be added very soon. One thing we are sure of, is that the Touch+ do have certain advantages over the Leap Motion.
Because this PC comes with a depth sensing camera, you can point the camera top-down like the Touch+.
The truth can’t be over-emphasis, this current product shows that HP has everything in a nice, complete package.One disadvantage though, is that the Intel RealSense 3D camera touches the touch mat.

HP Sprout specs

HP Sprouts Specs

The Front View
The HP Sprout, at first glance, may seems like your regular Windows computer, but this comes with a twist. Unlike other PC, this PC has an interactive touch mat and is capable of scanning 3D objects, and works as your Keyword, etc. It’s amazing right? Especially it’s ability of performing the 3D objects scan.
We all know that HP never fails to produce world leading computers, and the HP Sprout didn’t fail us. This Desktop comes with an “illuminator” which is placed at the top of the computer.
One good thing about the Illuminator, is that it has several cameras, a projector, a scanner and 3D depth sensor functioning within it.
The cameras which are contained inside the illuminator, is capable of capturing 3D images of any object you put on the workspace. Once they are scanned, you can edit them however you like using the software, which comes directly from the producers (HP) and everything is license.
The System
Another feature about the HP Sprout is it’s screen size. This desktop computer comes with the following:
20-inch Touchscreen Monitor,
Physical Keyboard,
Like i said, you are given the ability of either make use of a digital keyboard via its touch pad. The stylus is very handy for designers when they get into their niche.
Workspace and 3D Scanning
Now, this makes the HP Sprout unique. Very few computers have the ability of performing the 3D scanning. When you want to perform or 3D scan any object, all you need do is place the object on the touch mat and the illuminator would create a 3D image of it on the screen.
Another wonderful capability of this pc, is that it gives you the ability to work with the scanned 3D images using the touch mat. You can either use the stylus of your finger to adjust the size and other features of the image.
I would highly recommend the HP Sprout system to anyone who wants one PC that can serve you. The HP Sprout is a desktop system, which comes with a projector that can scan physical objects and within a few seconds transforms these physical objects into digital objects. Which also gives you the access and ability to edit it with your fingers. It’s a blend of the standard computer and a touch of the future combined into one.
Highly recommended.

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