This is one question which is the mind of most iphone lovers, and as we eagerly await the release date of the iphone7, one thing which we can’t clear from our mind, is how will the iphone7 looks like?
Is this what the iPhone 7 will look like? Well, we have several pictures to proof this fact.
We all know that Apple was named as the most expensive and richest company in the world, thanks to their much rated iphones, which is used by most celebrities.
The whole world is truly speculating about what the next iPhone might look like, the screen size, and there have been several experts input, which is predicting the tech giant to do away with the ‘home’ button, making the device entirely touch screen, which also means that everything you’ll be doing, like watching of videos, playing games will be full screen.
iphone7 pictures
According to designer Marek Weidlich, who has created his own vision for the next phone, giving us an insight into what it could look like and the step apple will be taking to eliminate the home button.
According to Marek Weidlich’s design, which detailed that there will be an over-turns of the entire face of the phone into a screen, and just like i said above, which will in turn, make the iphone even better suited for games, emails, and (let’s be honest here) messing around on Snapchat.
iPhone 7 specs
Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7
As we all know, one of the biggest innovations on the recently released iPhone 6 was the addition of the Touch ID sensor, which is used to unlock the phone, and this also means that a larger screen will allow this feature to be moved elsewhere on the phone.
iphone7 photo
Weidlich said: ‘I focused on simple design language which is very important for Apple.
Weidlich went on to say this which i quote below;
‘I designed a curved display without a bezel, and equipped with a software home button, the back rounded body is designed in an aluminium material supplemented with a plastic strip for better holding.’
There has been several speculation that Apple might finally tackle the problem that has dogged iPhones since the beginning – battery life.
Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster told Barrons this which you might find very interesting: ‘We believe battery life is one of the biggest areas of potential improvement and one that might be most welcomed by customers.’
Piper Jaffray also went on to disclose that Apple’s efforts to increase the battery life of the Macbooks over recent years.

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