Once again, one of Nigeria Most popular telecommunication service, Globacom Nigeria has today announced that it will be resuming her (One thousand, four hundred Naira only) N1400 monthly Blackberry plan data, which will give all her subscribers 3GB data plan, according to the glo official portal, the “Glo Comonth Blackberry plan” which was originally 3GB of data was suddenly reduced to 1.5GB of data few months ago, but has now been restored back to 3gb after Glo must have noticed a huge decline of subscribers.
Here’s the Official Subscription Codes You can Use to active the different Glo BB plans.

Category Package   Keyword Rental (N) Validity Data bundle*
BIS BIS Month   Bismonth 2,800 30 Days 3 GB
BIS WEEK   Biweek 900 7 Days 700 MB
COMPLETE COMPLETE MONTH   CoMonth 1,400 30 Days 3 GB
COMPLETE WEEK   CoWeek 400 7 Days 700 MB
SOCIAL SOCIAL MONTH   SoMonth 1,200 30 Days 3 GB
SOCIAL WEEK   SoWeek 400 7 Days 700 MB
BES BES MONTH   Besmonth 4,200 30 Days 3 GB
BES WEEK   Besweek 1,400 7 Days 700

Here;s our official Help Guidelines to all those Candidates facing any issue with subscription:
For you to successfully subscribe to any of the above Data plans, please note that YOU MUST Text the appropriate keyword above to 777.
For example: Text “Comonth” to 777 to subscribe for BB complete month.
If you decide to check your Data bundle usage and status, simply text ‘STATUS’ to 777.
If you want to know more information about Glo data bundle subscription, Text ‘HELP’ or ‘BB’ to 777 (Glo Subscribers Only)
If you want to know more information about Glo data bundle subscription, Text ‘BB’ to 0807 987 7777 (Other Network Subscribers)
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